NEW: Mastering Your Drupal Site: A Five Week Online Course

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Become an expert in managing and improving your Drupal site.

The next live, online, five-week course begins on Wednesday, May 28th, 2014.  The course will take place on six Wednesdays, from 2pm to 4:30pm Eastern Standard Time. 

If you can't make any sessions, you can watch the recording. 

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  • This is a course for those who have a Drupal site for their business and want to learn how to expertly manage, maintain, build upon, keep secure and improve upon it.
  • There will be five live online classes, where you can see clear demonstrations and ask questions.
  • View the class videos if you miss a section or if you want to review the information again. 
"Just wanted to say you did an awesome job with the Drupal class.  As someone who didn’t know an ounce of Drupal when I started, I feel very confident going forward and creating professional Drupal sites for current and future clients, "
- Jamie Claeys, Graphic Design, University of Colorado Boulder

Who is this course for?

"Sam's class was invaluable. This Drupal course was easily the best online course I've ever taken -- and I've attended quite a few.  If you're looking to learn Drupal, this is by far the best way to do it.  Sam is patient, knowledgeable, and always well-prepared for whatever his students throw at him. "

Andrew Sather, Assistant Director of Technology Services, Jenkins Law Library
  • Drupal site owners/managers/administrators who want to take full advantage of all Drupal can do.
  • Businesses, Schools, Nonprofits and other organizations who want to maintain their sites in-house and not have to rely on outside developers.
  • Those who want to master, maintain and improve their site.
  • Those who want to learn how to improve their site, such as using new modules, integrating social media, search engine optimization and much more.

How does the course work?

  • Once a week, there will be an hour and a half live online class where you will learn Drupal and be able to ask questions.  This is followed by an optional one-hour learning lab, where you can view demonstrations and ask additional questions. 
  • Every week you can apply what you have learned to your own site.
  • Every week you will receive supporting materials and an assignment to help you learn.  There will also be additional videos showing you how to complete the assignment. 

The Instructor:

Your instructor will be Sam Cohen, the owner of New Media Solutions.  See the right sidebar for more about Sam. 

We are proud to say that in an anonymous survey of course participants, 92% of graduates rated the Drupal course with the highest rating: "Better than Expected."


The Cost:

  • The fee for the live course is $290.00 ($250 for nonprofits.)


Participants will learn:

  • How to do core and security upgrades
  • How to Backup and restore your site
  • Learn best practices
  • Learn all the power and possibilities of your site
  • Advanced administration of content, blocks, and more
  • Strategies for improving your site
  • Adding new displays and content types
  • Social media integration
  • Overview of adding commerce
  • Most effective modules you need to know about and how to use them
  • Installing and evaluating new modules
  • Building Views
  • Making changes to the design of your site
  • and much more

The Curriculum:

Every class will be supplemented by assignments and supplementary videos. 

Week 1:  The Big Picture

  • Understanding Drupal
  • Best practices and common mistakes
  • All you need to know about users, blocks, menus and core features

Week 2:  Managing Content

  • Editing content, content types, text formats, rich text, video, files, etc.
  • Building Views

Week 3:  Modules

  • Essential Modules and what they do
  • Evaluating modules

Week 4: Improving Your Site

  • Suggestions for improving your site, including social media integration, popular modules, Search Engine Optimization, Commerce, choosing a new them and more
  • Tweaking your design with CSS

Week 5: Site Maintenance

  • How to upgrade core and modules
  • How to ensure your data is safe
  • What you need to know about about migrating to the next version of Drupal
  • Understanding and improving site performance
  • Working with and evaluating developers.



How is this course different from the Mastering Drupal Six-week course?
The six-week course is for those who want to learn to build Drupal sites from scratch, while the five week course is for those who already have a Drupal site and want to learn to maintain and improve upon it. 

I don't have any Drupal experience.  Is this course right for me?
You do not need any Drupal experience to take the course.  

I have advanced programming experience.  Is this course still right for me?
Even for programmers, the Drupal learning curve is very steep. We are not covering programming, but building professional and effective websites. We have numerous  people with Masters Degrees in Computer Science take the course and give excellent reviews.   

I can't make every date.  How can I make up the information if I miss a class?
A video is made of every class, so if you miss one you can catch up by watching it.  You can also watch the video as a way of reviewing the information.

Can I keep the videos?
Yes you can.

Do I have to be a programmer to take this course?
Absolutely not.  No programming skills are required to take this course.  You can do an enormous amount with Drupal without knowing any html, css, php, javascript, etc. 


Will the class be teaching Drupal 6 or Drupal 7?
We will be teaching Drupal 7.


The site I work on is Drupal 6, can I still benefit from the class?
Absolutely.  While some things have changed in Drupal 7, almost everything you learn can be applied to a Drupal 6 site and we will cover the changes.


How is the course delivered?
The live weekly class consists of live audio, video, screencast, and chat.  For audio you can either use your computers speakers and microphone or call in to a US phone number.




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