Succeed as a Freelance Web Developer (specializing in Drupal).

A live FREE online class

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The course is designed to help you succeed in building a business as a freelance website builder, specializing in using Drupal. 

No Drupal or web development experience is required.  If you don't have any, we recommend our Drupal Training Class too, but it is not required.

10 Reasons to be a Drupal Freelancer

  1. There is an enormous demand for Drupal pros and not nearly enough people to meet the demand.
  2. The pay is excellent. You can earn a great income part-time or full-time. 
  3. Even beginners can earn good money.
  4. Business opportunities are everywhere -- just think of all the ugly websites out there. 
  5. There's very little start up cost. 
  6. Working for yourself means job security.
  7. You can work from home or anywhere and set your own hours.
  8. It can be highly meaningful work as you can work with causes and businesses you believe in and have a real impact.
  9. It’s interesting work.
  10. The skills you develop can be used in other ways, such as starting your own web-based business, joining a start-up, or finding a high salaried job as a developer or project manager.

Who is this course for?

  • Those looking to start a part time or full time business building web sites.
  • Those already building sites or in a related field and wanting to grow their business.

Why was this course developed?

As a freelancer myself and Drupal trainer, I have found many students express a great interest in the ins and outs of building a freelance business-- particularly, how to find clients and how to charge.  I've been able to build a successful business, having developed over 75 sites, so to respond to this interest and share what I've learned over the years,  I developed this class.

How does the class work?

  • The three hour class is live and online. (Video and Screencast)
  • There will be plenty of time to ask questions. (The last hour is dedicated to only questions and answers, but you can ask questions as we go too.)

Topics Covered

  • How the business works.  
  • How much you can earn and how to charge.
  • Common mistakes and best practices.
  • Working on your own versus working for someone else.
  • What skills you need to learn and how to learn them.
  • Secrets for gaining experience and showing it off quickly and effectively.
  • Finding clients for your first sites. 
  • Types of clients generate the most new work.
  • Bread and butter clients.
  • Building template-based sites v. custom designs.
  • Possible pitfalls and challenges. 
  • Building your own business site.
  • Managing the workload.
  • Finding Help (subcontracting v. hiring).
  • How to find work.
  • Networking strategies
  • Advertising.
  • Increase referrals.
  • Additional ways to find work.
  • And much more.

The Instructor:

Your instructor will be Sam Cohen, who has built a very successful freelance practice.  See the right sidebar for more about Sam. 


How much can I earn building Drupal Websites?

This will be covered in depth during the class.  But in brief, in the US Drupal freelancers can charge anywhere from $20 an hour (for beginners) to well over $100 an hour.   However, a lot of the work is not done hourly, so you can potentially earn a lot more.  for freelancers, the simplest Drupal sites typically start at $1,000.00 and go up to the tens of thousands of dollars from there.  Experienced freelancers can earn $100,000 a year -- or more.  Experience as a freelancer can also lead to many other opportunities, such as starting your own web-based business, joining  a start-up, or finding a high paying job.

How is the course delivered?

The live class consists of live audio, video, screencast, and chat and will be delivered by Webex. Click on this link to check that your system will work.  For audio you can either use your computer's speakers and microphone, or call in to a US phone number.  (Depending on demand, we may use GotoWebinar or another method of delivery)


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