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Social Impact Grant to Build your own Interactive Website

We are giving out two Grants worth $700 each to an individual who wants to learn to build a website that will have a positive social impact. More

Announcing New 2014 Classes

It's been a while, but we're very happy to announce new classes.  In addition to Mastering Drupal Site Building, we have three news classes to offer:

Read about all of our classes here.

Social Impact Grant Winners!

We're happy to announce the two winners of the Social Impact Grant.

Aashika Damodar, Washington D.C.,  is building a web-platform, which aims to help individuals and professional organizations connect to service-providers and other critical resources to combat all forms of human trafficking.
Deirdre Fishel of Brooklyn, New York is building an interactive website designed for middle and high school kids that tackles bullying among boys by exploring the culture of toughness and silence boys live by.
Both Aashika and Deirdre will receive free tuition for the live online six week course and one-on-one strategic consulting.  Congrats!

"Earn a Great Living as a Freelance Web Developer" resources and a few thoughts on scope creep

In the “Succeed as a Freelancer” webinar I mention a number of services that are helpful to freelancers.  Here are some of them.

Learning Drupal
Of course, the best way to learn something is by doing it.  My Six Week Live Course is designed to take you over the learning curve quickly, in large part by creating a place where you can practice.  In addition to the live class, I provide weekly assignments where you go through the steps of building a site (with extra videos to follow along if you need them.)

New Six-Week Mastering Drupal 7 Class begins on September 27th

Registration is now open.  The previous six classes all filled up and sold out.  So register soon.

Don't Go Live Without This

Really great list from Meghan Palagyi of Zivtech on all the things you need to check before you launch a Drupal site. 

Announcing two winners of the 2012 Social Innovation Grant

We would like to congratulate the two winners of the 2012 Social Innovation Grant

Rosanne Trottier of Northeast Thailand
Rosanne works with the Artisanal Silk Revitalization project in northeast Thailand, and will be learning Drupal to help ensure fair trade prices for local artisans by training them to manage their own online marketing and ecommerce.

Benzamin Yi of  Washington DC
Benzamin will be learning Drupal to build an online community where people can find others who want to work on socially good projects together.

We want to thank our panel of judges for choosing the winners and the Good Company Group for sponsoring the grant. 

Social Innovation Grant to Build your own Interactive Website 2012

We are giving out two Grants worth $600 each to an individual who has an innovative idea for a website that will have a positive social impact. More

Penn Medicine Innovation Tournament a Great Success

We recently developed a site for Penn Medicine for an innovation tournament called Your Big Idea.  the purpose was to identify great ideas from their 20,000 employees and put them into action.  We had expected a few hundred ideas to be submitted, but wound up with over 1,700 ideas.  There were over 100,000 votes on the ideas cast. 

I can't say enough how impressed I am with the team that ran the tournament.  And how impressed I am with Drupal, for holding up perfectly. 

They have now announced the finalists -- one of which is to run the tournament again, with patients submitting the ideas this time. 


Levels of Drupal knowledge

One the things I often have to explain is the different levels of Drupal knowledge, from site managing to site building to site developing.  Here is our take on the various levels of Drupal knowledge:

Level 1:  Site Manager -- Basic

Can add and edit site content.  Because of Drupal’s intuitive interface, this level is not difficult to achieve.  Typically an hour or two of Drupal training is all someone needs to manage a site at the basic level.  

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