Drupal Training & Classes

New Media Solutions has been providing Drupal training since 2005.   We specialize in making learning Drupal painless-- even fun.   As a result of the training many of our students have gotten great jobs, built sites for their organizations,  and started their own web based or consulting businesses.  We’ve also training dozens of business and organizations to use and build sites with Drupal. 

Upcoming Classes

Mastering Drupal

A unique, live, online, six-week interactive course designed to help you leap over the learning curve and learn to build complex websites using Drupal.  Classes begin Wednesday, May 28th, 2014. more


NEW: Mastering Your Drupal Site

A unique, live, online, five-week interactive class designed for those managing existing Drupal sites.  Learn to manage, maintain, secure and improve your site.  Classes begin Wednesday, May 28th, 2014. more


Build and Grow your own Web Development Business

A unique, live, online, two-session interactive class designed to help you evaluate,start and succeed in your own web development/design business specializing in sites built with Drupal.  more


Social Impact Grant

2014 Social Impact Grant to Build your own Interactive Website

Win a six-week live online Drupal course to learn to build your site and one-on-one strategic planning FREE for a web project that has a positive social impact. more


Our Drupal Training Philosophy

We believe Drupal training can actually be fun, or, depending on your personality, at least very interesting.   It can be quite enjoyable to learn how simple and quick it is to do something with technology that seems like it should take a long time and be really difficult.  The sites you can build with Drupal today in a a short time, might have taken many months and tens of thousands of dollars to build just a few years ago.  Drupal is a powerful tool and learning Drupal is very empowering. 

Another aspect of our training philosophy is that it's not just about the "how," but also the "why."   Drupal can do lots of amazing things, but just because you can do it doesn't mean you should do it.  If a site's functionality isn't effective, if doesn't help you achieve your goals, drains limited resources, why do it?  As web strategists and web developers, we take time during our trainings to examine the big picture, the pros and cons of certain approaches, and well as how to implement them.   

Our Specialty

When it comes to Drupal training, we work with professional developers who need to learn Drupal and with non-developers who want to learn how to build Drupal sites. 

In addition to providing courses, we have worked with a number of organizations, training staff to build their own sites for projects, departments, centers, intranets and more. 

We offer on-site and remote Drupal training.  Contact us for more information.

We also provide On-demand Drupal Support, which can include training and mentoring.